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P120 - Silicone Putty - 16 Oz

P120 - Silicone Putty - 16 Oz


Silicone putty to create your own molds! This listing is for a full 16 ounces of silicone putty. One Full Pound! Smaller sizes available in the store!

We have had so many customers requesting custom molds or the silicone we use to create our here it is! This is the exact food grade silicone putty we use to create all the molds you see in our store. Offering it here to you so you can try your hand at making your own molds!

Listing is for 16 ounces of food safe silicone putty. You will receive 8 ounces of Part A "white" and 8 ounces of Part B "yellow" to make a full one pound of silicone putty. (Putty container lids will vary either white or red.)

Comes with complete instruction sheet!

Extremely easy to use. Simply measure equal parts of A and B, roll into a ball till uniform in color, flatten slightly and press your object into the putty...let cure approximately 15 minutes and your ready to use your mold! Simple as that!

Putty makes flexible molds with no need for a release agent. Can be baked in the oven as long as you do not go over 395 degrees.

Silicone putty is competely food safe. The FDA food grade putty is made of non-toxic material and complies with FDA 21 CFR 177.2600

Create your own super fun, flexible molds. Molds can be used for making candy, food, ice or unique soaps. Create embellishments, magnets, jewelry, etc. using resin, polymer clays, sculpey, fimo, premo, paper clay, chocolate, fondant or other products. Do not use the same mold for food if used with other materials. Mold can be washed with soap and water and reused over and over!

Have fun creating!

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